Expansion Joint Repair:

At Ocean Blue Pool & Spa we can replace your cracked or damaged expansion joint sealant before your problems become worse. We'll remove and replace your expansion joint sealant to protect and beautify your swimming pool and deck areas.

Salt Water Systems and Pool Automation:

Ocean Blue Pool & Spa strives to offer only the highest quality products to our valued customer. We are excited about all of the innovations that are now available to our clients. If you're interested in converting to a salt-water pool or want to add automation to an existing swimming pool, then call us today.

Pool Repair:

At Ocean Blue Pool & spa we are able to diagnose and repair any and all of your swimming pool needs. Whether it is your pool equipment, automated controls, salt water systems, electrical or plumbing, we are here to solve your problems.

Pool Equipment:

Ocean Blue Pool & Spa is available to make your swimming pool and spa more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. Contact us today to set up appointment so we can evaluate your specific pool equipment needs.




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